Apparently, the lack of updates on the landing page of teampizza.net has our chief diplomat (Atariguerrilla) worried, so he poked me into writing something.

Team Pizza are alive and well.  We are settled in our new home, with our new alliance mates in Disavowed.  These guys are rapidly becoming as crazy and carefree with their ships as we are and the partnership is working out well.

Team Pizza had our 3rd best month for number of kills in our history last month (November), and we are on track to do even better this month.  Activity is great, with nearly 24/7 small gang coverage within corp and definitely 24/7 small gang coverage within alliance, with the occassional peak time zone 30+ man fleets that are part and parcel of living in C6 space.

Yep.  C6 space.  We are back in a C6/C6 wormhole currently with our alliance mates and having a blast.  Things have changed a bit, but not that much since our time in No Holes Barred.

Recruitment is currently closed for new members unless you have a vouch from an existing member, or are a prior Team Pizza family member or assosciate.  If in doubt, hit us up in the public channel.

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