Citadel’s are live

Long time no post.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from Eve and I honestly don’t think anyone else even realises we have a news feed.  Certainly no one else bothers writing anything!

With Citadels released, I have returned again to mess with the game and whelp fleets.

While I was away, things ticked along great under the stewardship of all our other great directors.  Kills (and losses) continued to occur.  People continued to have fun.  Recruits continued to join.  It is always heartening in Eve when people just continue doing what they do and having fun when you aren’t around, makes it so much easier to step away for a battery recharge.

While I was away, we also passed a milestone, greater than 2T isk worth of ships has been destroyed by Team Pizza.  Seems a small number eh?  Except, not a single Super/Titan is on that list.  And almost all involve kills with only our previous alliance mates (NoHo, Disavowed), or just Team Pizza, on the mails.  No massive blobfest kills.  No batphoning.  Just small gang stuff!

Starting from most recently however, immediately before the deployment of the Citadel expansions, some bears decided to binge on their home sites ‘the old way’ only to fall victim to a random connection and quick tackle from the Team Pizza crew!   Didn’t want those capitals anyway!

And there was the Golem pilots, for some reason we decided to take 10 to kill 2, but each FC has their own style.  Shiney things they were.   Didn’t want those Golems anyway either, right?

And my ‘welcome back’ fight, against TDSIN.  Which they kindly took footage of and uploaded.  Where we gloriously, and in true Bunnz style, warp 8 humans//12 toons into a deployed fleet of 30+ toons expecting to win. We didn’t; we know why.  Our plan was solid.  Fun was had.  Props to TDSIN for coming into home.  Also for posting video with their comms.  Didn’t want that Archon turning into a FAX anyway!

Recruitment is still happening.  If you like the stories and want to be part of them, if you like the concept of zero blue, if you like the concept of being required to play eve to get content, if you like the concept of no pings or CTA’s, get in touch with us via our pub channel, Team Pizza.

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