Another Update

Well well, time sure does fly!

Since the last update, Team Pizza binged.  We had our 3rd and 4th highest ISK totals killed in a single month, in April and May.  We had a bunch of recruits try our way of life.  Some stayed, some left, it isn’t for everyone.  We had a small patch of internal drama, which we had managed to avoid for nearly 3 years, quickly handled by our directors.


Summer.  Rust update.  New Path of Exile League.  Good weather.  Whatever.  As always, the summer months in eve, in general, and Team Pizza, in particular, are lean.  We’ve barely managed to put any kills on the board at all.  There are a few diehards who keep things ticking over but the motivation to scan and find content when you are probably going to be tackling it solo or with 1-2 others max gets old the instant you find something worth fighting, only to not have the numbers to even attempt a fight.

And to add insult to the summer-lull injury, we were unsuccessful in our attempts to secure a slot in the alliance tournament.  We weren’t successful in the random draw and we didn’t feel like actually buying our way in.  Our bid of 17 plex was only 75 short of the bid required to buy a slot.

Next up to keep things entertaining, we are having our first ever Team Pizza meetup, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the September.  I’m doing a road trip across the North East US and we’ve organised to get a big bunch of the crew together to drink some beers.  Going to be a blast.

When the weather turns, we’ll return to eve, to stalk the wormholes, hunt the careless and fight everyone, everywhere, to make things explode.


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