And, the changes continue to flow..

So, unable to sit still, Team Pizza evaluated how things had gone with Disavowed., how the relationship with our fleet mates was going and decided it really didn’t suit us.  We had a bunch of drama occur with the alliance executor and his corp falling apart.  We provided a home for his members that didn’t want to leave the Disavowed. group, picking up 10-15 EU humans.  This was a challenge.  We have never bought in so many people in a single group before, preferring to grow organically and indoctrinate people into the “Pizza Spirit”.  Its a love/hate thing, those that stick around for a year or more are more likely to quit eve, than quit Pizza.

Seeing the writing on the wall, we had our usual meeting and..  Decided to move.  Leaving C6/C6 space, which we have never really enjoyed.  Again.  2 weeks after making the decision to leave, we had evacuated 40+ capitals, 9 towers, setup our new home and started moving in.  During this, the group of EU pilots (who are all great guys!) decided to stick with the EU elements of Disavowed, in a new alliance and new home.

Unfortunately, this coincided with some massive real life drama for me.  For a bunch of reasons, I can’t give eve and the corp the attention it deserves, so I’ve stepped aside and am no longer actively involved in Eve.  Our other directors and leaders are doing a fantastic job, coordinating things and delivering content and kills to our bloodthirsty bastards!

C5/C5 was the decision taken by the corp, we’ve gotten too used to having and using our capitals to give them away for the C5/C2 we went to last time we left C6 space.  Let the killing continue!

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