Monthly Archives: June 2017

5 Months between updates!

Wow.  This must almost be a new record.  5 months between my news posts.  The months between have been a bit up and down.  Activity is not where we would like it to be, with the eve side of the corp a bit quieter than it should be.  Activity is all small gang at this point.  Not the end of the world, its what we are best at but refusing to ping people for content, or batphone friends for offensive actions means that some glorious opportunities for content pass us by.

We were in the ATXV feeder rounds!  It has been a long time (4 years) since any Team Pizza pilot was in the tournament proper, due to a large number of reasons, all of which boil down to “we suck at following directions on signing up”.  The feeder round option is fantastic.  Flat price, we get a chance to get into the tournament proper!

I was our Team Captain, but really didn’t have time to run the team properly.  The compressed timeline (2 weeks from signup to first match) meant that not only did we not do any testing, we didn’t really have a chance to theorycraft anything as a group.

I was crazy busy at work with a merger, a new staff member and a bunch of deadlines, along with hosting an international guest here in our lovely home in Dublin, Ireland, so I did what I could and came up with a comp that I thought would go well.

I logged on for pretty much the first time for 2 weeks about an hour before our match to find out the team had spent 3 hours working out an alternate comp to run, as they couldn’t understand the logic behind my fleet!  Quick vote and we decided we’d run the minmatar rush setup people had spent the last 3 hours discussing.  Only to hit a hard counter in a Rail kite setup that came in at range.  So much for the easy path to ATXV!

I wasn’t around the next day, but eventually the guys tried some weird ‘on the spot’ comp that included lots of missiles, some paints and no webs or scrams.  The commentary is funny, you should listen to it!  Valiant effort, may have worked against another team, but we got clean sweeped 100:0 on our second match and our ATXV dreams were over.

Next year.  ATXVI.  Hopefully either I will have time to manage a team properly, or one of our other experienced FC’s will step up and own it!

We all did Fanfest!  That was a real highlight.  I think there was 7 Team Pizza humans, including 4 of our 5 directors.  I could post a whole article about that, but I’ll save it for the next update.  We are tentatively planning another meetup later this year, probably an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the carribean.

Recruitment is open, be part of our stories!