Monthly Archives: January 2017

Another month..

Another month trundles on by and we continue to settle in and get used to our new home system.

I’m starting to be more active, our other 2 directors that had stepped back a bit are both starting to be more active.  Sgt is finally (hopefully) starting to get a bit of a break from the burdens of leadership.

And stuff is dying.

Roughly 200 kills last month, by around 15 active members according to the stats on our mapping tool.  We are already at 20 active members this month, so the steam is starting to return.

Of course with me back playing, you start to see our losses piling up again, in true Bunnz fashion.  Like the Orca just the other day.  I sent it out as bait, hoping to spur some lazy, feckless people into actually trying to fight us, rather than run whenever a combat ship got near.  Plan was perfect, the enemy engaged the orca with about the fleet we expected.  Of course, I hadn’t bothered to tank the orca, or get a fleet together to save it, so that was nothing but a free orca killmail to the enemy!

And just yesterday, a golem sent out as bait into nullsec.  Again, perfectly executed bait, a vexor come calling to try to kill the Golem, who I was rapidly destroying, but was getting obliterated myself.  Strong blue pill active.  Perfectly skilled pilot.  Should be capable of tanking 3.7k on a single ASB and with 1 ASB active, my tank was just melting, which forced me to run both.  Eventually the vexor got some support, a proteus who popped in and lit up a covert cyno for a Sin, but before the Sin could even lock up the golem, she’d gone down.  Only later, after seeing the lossmail did I realise that the Vexor had a “buddy”.  A Salvation Angels Machariel Battleship that had spawned when I stupidly took a pot shot at an NPC Mining Skiff.  No wonder I couldn’t tank a stupid Vexor.  And the reminder to check my overview settings after effectively 3 months away from eve was hammered home.

But again, the bait worked perfectly, we had 2 hostile Sins a Vexor and a Proteus on the field, so we reshipped and returned with a couple of sleipnirs and a Machariel of our own.  By now, the NPC Mach had buggered off to protect the skiffs somewhere else.

Possibly a bad call from me, I primaried the proteus to prevent additional reinforcements arriving via cyno, as a 3rd sleip from us moved into position.  A call from a corpmate, saying his sleip was dropping even under dual ASB’s and can we please kill some DPS instead of the prot was quickly actioned but a 3rd Sin arrived, our first sleip dropped, the second was melting and the Mach and 3rd sleip were told to disengage.  The mach made it, the 3rd sleip not so lucky.  Still, everyone had fun, content was had and we got to shoot at Sins, effectively 4 v 7, about the best odds we can hope to get against nullseccers.

There was also the poor guys whose tower we blew up.  Apparently we saw them in the chain, the tower was at 52% shields, so a fleet was stood up to go shoot it.  That fleet got jumped by residents of the static system of the tower we were shooting and had to withdraw, so we thought it was all done.  A couple of hours later that same day, on the way home from losing the Orca, we noticed a new sig in our static, probed it out and lo and behold, the tower system.  Such shitty luck from them, they had rolled connections only to roll into our static while we were actively monitoring it.  Fleet stood up, tower destroyed, it hadn’t been stronted but the surprise was when we boarded the Bustard that dropped….  It was full of stront.

We are recruiting, so if you want to be part of the stories, drop into our pub channel!