Monthly Archives: December 2016

How is that working out for you?

About 7 weeks ago, we had agreement.  The corp was going to move to a C2 with a C5/Null static, to better reflect our current state and the type of fights we can actively take without becoming another ping-warrior corporation.

My fellow directors argued about taking too long to find one of the wormholes on my shortlist, chosen for their remarkable PI potential.  We got lucky and rolled into one of our 10 target systems, indeed one of our preferred 5 systems, within days.

A month and a bit ago we settled into our new home.  Things went swimmingly.  We evicted the previous residents, who chose not to fight us, packed up and evacuated what they could.  The rest we blew up, in true Eve style.  Nothing brings a corporation together more than having to fight for a home, whether on defense or offensive, the feeling is great.

October was a migration month.  People moving things out of our previous home.  Staging for a move into our new system.  Fighting for our new system.  Getting ships in place.  Getting our Astras anchored.  Knocking over the previous residents Customs Offices.

November was our first full month operating out of our new system and immediately changes were evident, mostly expected, some not so expected.  Slight sidetrack here, I’ve been a director of Team Pizza for years now and been involved in 5 of these moves (C5/C5 into NoHo’s 6/6, into our C5/C2, into Disavowed’s 6/6, into our 5/5, now into our 2-5/ns) and there has been a constant outcome.  We lose players.  Everyone takes the opportunity presented by the need to move all their shit to re-evaluate their love of the game and of Team Pizza’s approach to the game.  Every single time, until now, it has cost us a director, let alone costing us a bunch of line members who choose to follow another path.

So far, it hasn’t cost us a director, but I’m not yet fully moved in and not really combat capable, one of our other directors is on an announced break of unknown duration, our chief diplomat and founding director, Atari, is not subscribed or logging in at all, another director is slowly emerging from the depths of new baby/no sleep/no time for eve life and meanwhile the load is falling very much so on the shoulders of Sgt.

Amongst the line members, we had a regular cleanup and culled those who hadn’t logged on for months, who didn’t respond to evemails and didn’t let the rest of the corp know where they were.  We are under 100 toons in corp, a target I always like to be below, as it accurately represents our ability to take an engagement.  With 100 toons in a wormhole corp, the expectation is typically 10% humans, so maybe 10 actives at any time.  As of right now, that probably overstates our capabilities, but we are working on it!

The biggest change is the alteration of our kill profiles, as expected.  More small gang stuff.  People heading out to the null, to generate content, either solo, micro or small gang.  Less big fights.  Less (much less), pinging other people on Teamspeak to come take battles.  Overall value of deaths we have caused is down, but the number of deaths remains relatively similar, with 250~ kills per month maintained.  The location of those kills have changed.  More than 50% of our kills in November came in Nullsec.  Historically, that number was closer to 5%.

More of our pilots and engagements are less ‘doctrine’ and more ‘dps’ focused, reflecting the smaller numbers.

Most of our engagements of late are 2-5 people.

This is how we expected to change.  This is the change we wanted, as a corp.  The people generating the content are being happy little beavers, with no conflicting concerns or expectations.  Our FC’s know we don’t have (and wont, for the forseeable future) 40 humans to throw at a battle.

The unexpected changes is the PI.  Rattlesnakes were the default way to make ISK in our 5/5.  The static would often be empty, it was easy to scout and stay safe and the returns were good, without being spectacular.  As a fallback, drifter bashing at home with a properly fit dread was also viable, as they spawned.  The new static is not so quiet.  There are 2 entrances to scan, the static of our static, and the 2nd static in home.  And PI has stepped up.  We had a great guide posted, showing how to make 500m/mth, with minimal hauling, with 4 day extraction cycles and taking a total of about 8 minutes per month.  Across 3 toons, thats 1.5b/mth.  Mostly passive.  25 minutes per month.  That is more than we earnt with our DREADS, let alone our rattlers.

Now that the dust has settled, we have reopened recruitment.  If you want to take part in the next chapter of Team Pizza’s story in Eve Online, get in touch.

Oh and look out for our gang at FanFest 2017.  We are making our bookings and arrangements now and have a bunch heading over.  If you are a wormholer and flying solo to fanfest, drop me a note, we’ll extend the arm of friendship.  If you are a wormholer and travelling as a group, still drop me a note and lets organise some drinks!