Monthly Archives: October 2016

Time for change..

After our last batch of activity, things died down.  A lot.  Numbers were all over the place and we were turning into the entity we all hate, a group of ping warriors with only 1-3 players actively seeking content, the rest playing other games and waiting for the call to action.

This is totally against our ethos.

As part of a shake up and change, we asked the corporation members what we should do.  The problem is very much a chicken and egg issue.  We need to increase content generators and reward them properly, and we need to decrease the reliance on people not logged on to take the content we find.  What do you address first?

Eventually, the corporation decided we should move.  C5 space, while good, thriving and alive, simply delivers content that is typically difficult to take with only a few people, causing us to need to ask people on Team Speak playing other games to log on to participate, which simply rewards the behaviour we are trying to eliminate.

Further discussions, and we settled on a C2 (again, been here before!) but this time with a static C5 and a static Nullsec.  The C5 chain is exactly the same as our existing static (with the exception of no Capitals), for when we have bodies and good ability to hunt larger WH groups, while the Nullsec static allows easy rolling to find and deliver more small-gang and even micro-gang options.

(snip – more to say here, but will wait for another post!)