Monthly Archives: October 2015

Another Month, another missed news post!

Tradition continues, as another month slips by without an update on Team Pizza!

It has been a relatively quiet September and October, after our surge during July and August.  Seems our summer lull was simply delayed a bit this year, instead of being skipped entirely.  September saw 50% of the corp not log on (other than skill changes!) for the first 2 weeks, with the release of Metal Gear Solid 5.

Following from that, activity picked right up and the month turned out okay.  Not much big on the killboards, only managed a couple of capital kills but plenty of smaller engagements that were fun.

A bunch of time was spent working on and flying a kiting doctrine, to skill our pilots up better at small gang/small ship stuff.  It is important training, as we line up a run for Alliance Tournament XIV.  This time, unlike the last 2 years, we will not fuck up and fail to register in time.  Or fail to transfer plex.  Or forget the date signups close off.  We are Good at this Game!

We haven’t had the chance lately to throw around our capitals, which is sad, but it does significantly reduce our losses.  We still take whatever chances we can, including some stunning successes because nothing says win better than a Cheetah dying solo to a Moros in the Cheetahs home wormhole, on the Cheetahs own POS…  There was also a 19 gate trip through nullsec with a shiney red Revelation looking for some action that led to nothing.  We try!  Despite our efforts, we are now nearly 60 days since the loss of a capital.  It is terrible!

We continue to ignore our sites because as good as capital escalations are, we can rarely be bothered standing up the fleet to shoot red crosses.  People are slowly realising that there are plenty of ways to make isk other than capital escalations.  We still try to run enough sessions (maybe 4 sessions a month?) to provide enough tax to pay for tower fuel.

We have relisted ourselves available for Mercenary Work.  We have been mercs for a long time, but our corporate level listing was dropped when we joined Disavowed, who had an alliance level listing.  We have finally got off our collective asses and relisted ourselves, so hit up our contacts if you need our services.

We are revising recruitment targets, looking for a couple more towers full of people to fly and fight with, as well as refining processes for removing inactives, which has been a bit adhoc until now and needs to be tightened up.

We continue to pursue our own ideals of living in wspace.

No pinging for bodies, if you aren’t online, you don’t get content.

No talking in local, whats the point of not having local if you shit it up with bullshit?

No batphones (Most recently, looking at you R3D Fire, even numbers, you batphone Lazerhawks as we send a dread through your home system?  Grow a pair!)