Monthly Archives: September 2015

Gosh, has it been that long?

Well, the news is out of date again because really, who could be bothered writing about eve when you could just play the game!  My RL shit got sorted out, so I returned (again) dutifully to the Pizza fold to fly, fight, die and kill with my corpmates.

It has been some great months.  Best summer Team Pizza has ever had, with no summer die down that usually occurs.  Less targets around, but some innovative approaches from corpmates and friends of friends led to some entertaining ganks of escalation fleets.

We also did our usual ‘Good at this Game’ whelps.

There was a memorable wipe against Hard Knocks on my second day back (, where we caught a rolling capital of theirs in our home and I consciously chose to not collapse the static, precisely so they could get more people in, and then was shocked and appalled when they bought 25 bodies, including an army neut legions.  This despite us only having 5 humans and maybe 10 toons on the field.  Further compounded by not realising the time it actually takes capitals to warp across our 80au home, leading to an archon and phoenix landing amongst the hard knocks fleet after the rest of us were already dead!

There was a jump into No Vacancies home wormhole (, to force them to bring ships to the party, that ended with some capital deaths for us as well due to (as usual) me fucking up and burning 75% of my triage Chimera’s cap running my local booster the whole fight while not getting shot at.

There was a capital skirmish against DSE ( that also went bad for us, mostly due to their chimera vs a single bhaal in a pulsar.  That was never going to end well against a properly fit chimera, and theirs was!  They also made intelligent and clever use of a damn Luxury Yacht to collapse our connection into their home.  Bloody little bubble immune, fast aligning, oversized prop-mod little horror he was!

There was also a good brawl against BRAVE ( that we used capitals to even the odds a bit and made out okay on.

The corp is still doing up to 400 kills a month, mostly wormhole space and killing more than we lose despite epic fails on the above scales, which is all we ask for.  Members are still logging in, even if this month a chunk of them have spent most of it playing Metal Gear.

Recruitment is probably going to pick up a bit, we have a few slots we’d probably like to fill up with valuable members and we are considering some radical options for future directions.  Still wormholes.  That is what we are.

A wormhole corp that prides ourselves on taking the fight and not being dicks about it.