5 Months between updates!

Wow.  This must almost be a new record.  5 months between my news posts.  The months between have been a bit up and down.  Activity is not where we would like it to be, with the eve side of the corp a bit quieter than it should be.  Activity is all small gang at this point.  Not the end of the world, its what we are best at but refusing to ping people for content, or batphone friends for offensive actions means that some glorious opportunities for content pass us by.

We were in the ATXV feeder rounds!  It has been a long time (4 years) since any Team Pizza pilot was in the tournament proper, due to a large number of reasons, all of which boil down to “we suck at following directions on signing up”.  The feeder round option is fantastic.  Flat price, we get a chance to get into the tournament proper!

I was our Team Captain, but really didn’t have time to run the team properly.  The compressed timeline (2 weeks from signup to first match) meant that not only did we not do any testing, we didn’t really have a chance to theorycraft anything as a group.

I was crazy busy at work with a merger, a new staff member and a bunch of deadlines, along with hosting an international guest here in our lovely home in Dublin, Ireland, so I did what I could and came up with a comp that I thought would go well.

I logged on for pretty much the first time for 2 weeks about an hour before our match to find out the team had spent 3 hours working out an alternate comp to run, as they couldn’t understand the logic behind my fleet!  Quick vote and we decided we’d run the minmatar rush setup people had spent the last 3 hours discussing.  Only to hit a hard counter in a Rail kite setup that came in at range.  So much for the easy path to ATXV!

I wasn’t around the next day, but eventually the guys tried some weird ‘on the spot’ comp that included lots of missiles, some paints and no webs or scrams.  The commentary is funny, you should listen to it!  Valiant effort, may have worked against another team, but we got clean sweeped 100:0 on our second match and our ATXV dreams were over.

Next year.  ATXVI.  Hopefully either I will have time to manage a team properly, or one of our other experienced FC’s will step up and own it!

We all did Fanfest!  That was a real highlight.  I think there was 7 Team Pizza humans, including 4 of our 5 directors.  I could post a whole article about that, but I’ll save it for the next update.  We are tentatively planning another meetup later this year, probably an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the carribean.

Recruitment is open, be part of our stories!

Another month..

Another month trundles on by and we continue to settle in and get used to our new home system.

I’m starting to be more active, our other 2 directors that had stepped back a bit are both starting to be more active.  Sgt is finally (hopefully) starting to get a bit of a break from the burdens of leadership.

And stuff is dying.

Roughly 200 kills last month, by around 15 active members according to the stats on our mapping tool.  We are already at 20 active members this month, so the steam is starting to return.

Of course with me back playing, you start to see our losses piling up again, in true Bunnz fashion.  Like the Orca just the other day.  I sent it out as bait, hoping to spur some lazy, feckless people into actually trying to fight us, rather than run whenever a combat ship got near.  Plan was perfect, the enemy engaged the orca with about the fleet we expected.  Of course, I hadn’t bothered to tank the orca, or get a fleet together to save it, so that was nothing but a free orca killmail to the enemy!

And just yesterday, a golem sent out as bait into nullsec.  Again, perfectly executed bait, a vexor come calling to try to kill the Golem, who I was rapidly destroying, but was getting obliterated myself.  Strong blue pill active.  Perfectly skilled pilot.  Should be capable of tanking 3.7k on a single ASB and with 1 ASB active, my tank was just melting, which forced me to run both.  Eventually the vexor got some support, a proteus who popped in and lit up a covert cyno for a Sin, but before the Sin could even lock up the golem, she’d gone down.  Only later, after seeing the lossmail did I realise that the Vexor had a “buddy”.  A Salvation Angels Machariel Battleship that had spawned when I stupidly took a pot shot at an NPC Mining Skiff.  No wonder I couldn’t tank a stupid Vexor.  And the reminder to check my overview settings after effectively 3 months away from eve was hammered home.

But again, the bait worked perfectly, we had 2 hostile Sins a Vexor and a Proteus on the field, so we reshipped and returned with a couple of sleipnirs and a Machariel of our own.  By now, the NPC Mach had buggered off to protect the skiffs somewhere else.

Possibly a bad call from me, I primaried the proteus to prevent additional reinforcements arriving via cyno, as a 3rd sleip from us moved into position.  A call from a corpmate, saying his sleip was dropping even under dual ASB’s and can we please kill some DPS instead of the prot was quickly actioned but a 3rd Sin arrived, our first sleip dropped, the second was melting and the Mach and 3rd sleip were told to disengage.  The mach made it, the 3rd sleip not so lucky.  Still, everyone had fun, content was had and we got to shoot at Sins, effectively 4 v 7, about the best odds we can hope to get against nullseccers.

There was also the poor guys whose tower we blew up.  Apparently we saw them in the chain, the tower was at 52% shields, so a fleet was stood up to go shoot it.  That fleet got jumped by residents of the static system of the tower we were shooting and had to withdraw, so we thought it was all done.  A couple of hours later that same day, on the way home from losing the Orca, we noticed a new sig in our static, probed it out and lo and behold, the tower system.  Such shitty luck from them, they had rolled connections only to roll into our static while we were actively monitoring it.  Fleet stood up, tower destroyed, it hadn’t been stronted but the surprise was when we boarded the Bustard that dropped….  It was full of stront.

We are recruiting, so if you want to be part of the stories, drop into our pub channel!

How is that working out for you?

About 7 weeks ago, we had agreement.  The corp was going to move to a C2 with a C5/Null static, to better reflect our current state and the type of fights we can actively take without becoming another ping-warrior corporation.

My fellow directors argued about taking too long to find one of the wormholes on my shortlist, chosen for their remarkable PI potential.  We got lucky and rolled into one of our 10 target systems, indeed one of our preferred 5 systems, within days.

A month and a bit ago we settled into our new home.  Things went swimmingly.  We evicted the previous residents, who chose not to fight us, packed up and evacuated what they could.  The rest we blew up, in true Eve style.  Nothing brings a corporation together more than having to fight for a home, whether on defense or offensive, the feeling is great.

October was a migration month.  People moving things out of our previous home.  Staging for a move into our new system.  Fighting for our new system.  Getting ships in place.  Getting our Astras anchored.  Knocking over the previous residents Customs Offices.

November was our first full month operating out of our new system and immediately changes were evident, mostly expected, some not so expected.  Slight sidetrack here, I’ve been a director of Team Pizza for years now and been involved in 5 of these moves (C5/C5 into NoHo’s 6/6, into our C5/C2, into Disavowed’s 6/6, into our 5/5, now into our 2-5/ns) and there has been a constant outcome.  We lose players.  Everyone takes the opportunity presented by the need to move all their shit to re-evaluate their love of the game and of Team Pizza’s approach to the game.  Every single time, until now, it has cost us a director, let alone costing us a bunch of line members who choose to follow another path.

So far, it hasn’t cost us a director, but I’m not yet fully moved in and not really combat capable, one of our other directors is on an announced break of unknown duration, our chief diplomat and founding director, Atari, is not subscribed or logging in at all, another director is slowly emerging from the depths of new baby/no sleep/no time for eve life and meanwhile the load is falling very much so on the shoulders of Sgt.

Amongst the line members, we had a regular cleanup and culled those who hadn’t logged on for months, who didn’t respond to evemails and didn’t let the rest of the corp know where they were.  We are under 100 toons in corp, a target I always like to be below, as it accurately represents our ability to take an engagement.  With 100 toons in a wormhole corp, the expectation is typically 10% humans, so maybe 10 actives at any time.  As of right now, that probably overstates our capabilities, but we are working on it!

The biggest change is the alteration of our kill profiles, as expected.  More small gang stuff.  People heading out to the null, to generate content, either solo, micro or small gang.  Less big fights.  Less (much less), pinging other people on Teamspeak to come take battles.  Overall value of deaths we have caused is down, but the number of deaths remains relatively similar, with 250~ kills per month maintained.  The location of those kills have changed.  More than 50% of our kills in November came in Nullsec.  Historically, that number was closer to 5%.

More of our pilots and engagements are less ‘doctrine’ and more ‘dps’ focused, reflecting the smaller numbers.

Most of our engagements of late are 2-5 people.

This is how we expected to change.  This is the change we wanted, as a corp.  The people generating the content are being happy little beavers, with no conflicting concerns or expectations.  Our FC’s know we don’t have (and wont, for the forseeable future) 40 humans to throw at a battle.

The unexpected changes is the PI.  Rattlesnakes were the default way to make ISK in our 5/5.  The static would often be empty, it was easy to scout and stay safe and the returns were good, without being spectacular.  As a fallback, drifter bashing at home with a properly fit dread was also viable, as they spawned.  The new static is not so quiet.  There are 2 entrances to scan, the static of our static, and the 2nd static in home.  And PI has stepped up.  We had a great guide posted, showing how to make 500m/mth, with minimal hauling, with 4 day extraction cycles and taking a total of about 8 minutes per month.  Across 3 toons, thats 1.5b/mth.  Mostly passive.  25 minutes per month.  That is more than we earnt with our DREADS, let alone our rattlers.

Now that the dust has settled, we have reopened recruitment.  If you want to take part in the next chapter of Team Pizza’s story in Eve Online, get in touch.

Oh and look out for our gang at FanFest 2017.  We are making our bookings and arrangements now and have a bunch heading over.  If you are a wormholer and flying solo to fanfest, drop me a note, we’ll extend the arm of friendship.  If you are a wormholer and travelling as a group, still drop me a note and lets organise some drinks!


Time for change..

After our last batch of activity, things died down.  A lot.  Numbers were all over the place and we were turning into the entity we all hate, a group of ping warriors with only 1-3 players actively seeking content, the rest playing other games and waiting for the call to action.

This is totally against our ethos.

As part of a shake up and change, we asked the corporation members what we should do.  The problem is very much a chicken and egg issue.  We need to increase content generators and reward them properly, and we need to decrease the reliance on people not logged on to take the content we find.  What do you address first?

Eventually, the corporation decided we should move.  C5 space, while good, thriving and alive, simply delivers content that is typically difficult to take with only a few people, causing us to need to ask people on Team Speak playing other games to log on to participate, which simply rewards the behaviour we are trying to eliminate.

Further discussions, and we settled on a C2 (again, been here before!) but this time with a static C5 and a static Nullsec.  The C5 chain is exactly the same as our existing static (with the exception of no Capitals), for when we have bodies and good ability to hunt larger WH groups, while the Nullsec static allows easy rolling to find and deliver more small-gang and even micro-gang options.

(snip – more to say here, but will wait for another post!)

Another Update

Well well, time sure does fly!

Since the last update, Team Pizza binged.  We had our 3rd and 4th highest ISK totals killed in a single month, in April and May.  We had a bunch of recruits try our way of life.  Some stayed, some left, it isn’t for everyone.  We had a small patch of internal drama, which we had managed to avoid for nearly 3 years, quickly handled by our directors.


Summer.  Rust update.  New Path of Exile League.  Good weather.  Whatever.  As always, the summer months in eve, in general, and Team Pizza, in particular, are lean.  We’ve barely managed to put any kills on the board at all.  There are a few diehards who keep things ticking over but the motivation to scan and find content when you are probably going to be tackling it solo or with 1-2 others max gets old the instant you find something worth fighting, only to not have the numbers to even attempt a fight.

And to add insult to the summer-lull injury, we were unsuccessful in our attempts to secure a slot in the alliance tournament.  We weren’t successful in the random draw and we didn’t feel like actually buying our way in.  Our bid of 17 plex was only 75 short of the bid required to buy a slot.

Next up to keep things entertaining, we are having our first ever Team Pizza meetup, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the September.  I’m doing a road trip across the North East US and we’ve organised to get a big bunch of the crew together to drink some beers.  Going to be a blast.

When the weather turns, we’ll return to eve, to stalk the wormholes, hunt the careless and fight everyone, everywhere, to make things explode.


Citadel’s are live

Long time no post.  I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from Eve and I honestly don’t think anyone else even realises we have a news feed.  Certainly no one else bothers writing anything!

With Citadels released, I have returned again to mess with the game and whelp fleets.

While I was away, things ticked along great under the stewardship of all our other great directors.  Kills (and losses) continued to occur.  People continued to have fun.  Recruits continued to join.  It is always heartening in Eve when people just continue doing what they do and having fun when you aren’t around, makes it so much easier to step away for a battery recharge.

While I was away, we also passed a milestone, greater than 2T isk worth of ships has been destroyed by Team Pizza.  Seems a small number eh?  Except, not a single Super/Titan is on that list.  And almost all involve kills with only our previous alliance mates (NoHo, Disavowed), or just Team Pizza, on the mails.  No massive blobfest kills.  No batphoning.  Just small gang stuff!

Starting from most recently however, immediately before the deployment of the Citadel expansions, some bears decided to binge on their home sites ‘the old way’ only to fall victim to a random connection and quick tackle from the Team Pizza crew!   Didn’t want those capitals anyway!

And there was the Golem pilots, for some reason we decided to take 10 to kill 2, but each FC has their own style.  Shiney things they were.   Didn’t want those Golems anyway either, right?

And my ‘welcome back’ fight, against TDSIN.  Which they kindly took footage of and uploaded.  Where we gloriously, and in true Bunnz style, warp 8 humans//12 toons into a deployed fleet of 30+ toons expecting to win. We didn’t; we know why.  Our plan was solid.  Fun was had.  Props to TDSIN for coming into home.  Also for posting video with their comms.  Didn’t want that Archon turning into a FAX anyway!

Recruitment is still happening.  If you like the stories and want to be part of them, if you like the concept of zero blue, if you like the concept of being required to play eve to get content, if you like the concept of no pings or CTA’s, get in touch with us via our pub channel, Team Pizza.

Another Month, another missed news post!

Tradition continues, as another month slips by without an update on Team Pizza!

It has been a relatively quiet September and October, after our surge during July and August.  Seems our summer lull was simply delayed a bit this year, instead of being skipped entirely.  September saw 50% of the corp not log on (other than skill changes!) for the first 2 weeks, with the release of Metal Gear Solid 5.

Following from that, activity picked right up and the month turned out okay.  Not much big on the killboards, only managed a couple of capital kills but plenty of smaller engagements that were fun.

A bunch of time was spent working on and flying a kiting doctrine, to skill our pilots up better at small gang/small ship stuff.  It is important training, as we line up a run for Alliance Tournament XIV.  This time, unlike the last 2 years, we will not fuck up and fail to register in time.  Or fail to transfer plex.  Or forget the date signups close off.  We are Good at this Game!

We haven’t had the chance lately to throw around our capitals, which is sad, but it does significantly reduce our losses.  We still take whatever chances we can, including some stunning successes because nothing says win better than a Cheetah dying solo to a Moros in the Cheetahs home wormhole, on the Cheetahs own POS…  There was also a 19 gate trip through nullsec with a shiney red Revelation looking for some action that led to nothing.  We try!  Despite our efforts, we are now nearly 60 days since the loss of a capital.  It is terrible!

We continue to ignore our sites because as good as capital escalations are, we can rarely be bothered standing up the fleet to shoot red crosses.  People are slowly realising that there are plenty of ways to make isk other than capital escalations.  We still try to run enough sessions (maybe 4 sessions a month?) to provide enough tax to pay for tower fuel.

We have relisted ourselves available for Mercenary Work.  We have been mercs for a long time, but our corporate level listing was dropped when we joined Disavowed, who had an alliance level listing.  We have finally got off our collective asses and relisted ourselves, so hit up our contacts if you need our services.

We are revising recruitment targets, looking for a couple more towers full of people to fly and fight with, as well as refining processes for removing inactives, which has been a bit adhoc until now and needs to be tightened up.

We continue to pursue our own ideals of living in wspace.

No pinging for bodies, if you aren’t online, you don’t get content.

No talking in local, whats the point of not having local if you shit it up with bullshit?

No batphones (Most recently, looking at you R3D Fire, even numbers, you batphone Lazerhawks as we send a dread through your home system?  Grow a pair!)

Gosh, has it been that long?

Well, the news is out of date again because really, who could be bothered writing about eve when you could just play the game!  My RL shit got sorted out, so I returned (again) dutifully to the Pizza fold to fly, fight, die and kill with my corpmates.

It has been some great months.  Best summer Team Pizza has ever had, with no summer die down that usually occurs.  Less targets around, but some innovative approaches from corpmates and friends of friends led to some entertaining ganks of escalation fleets.

We also did our usual ‘Good at this Game’ whelps.

There was a memorable wipe against Hard Knocks on my second day back (https://zkillboard.com/br/45682/), where we caught a rolling capital of theirs in our home and I consciously chose to not collapse the static, precisely so they could get more people in, and then was shocked and appalled when they bought 25 bodies, including an army neut legions.  This despite us only having 5 humans and maybe 10 toons on the field.  Further compounded by not realising the time it actually takes capitals to warp across our 80au home, leading to an archon and phoenix landing amongst the hard knocks fleet after the rest of us were already dead!

There was a jump into No Vacancies home wormhole (https://zkillboard.com/br/49918/), to force them to bring ships to the party, that ended with some capital deaths for us as well due to (as usual) me fucking up and burning 75% of my triage Chimera’s cap running my local booster the whole fight while not getting shot at.

There was a capital skirmish against DSE (https://zkillboard.com/br/43579/) that also went bad for us, mostly due to their chimera vs a single bhaal in a pulsar.  That was never going to end well against a properly fit chimera, and theirs was!  They also made intelligent and clever use of a damn Luxury Yacht to collapse our connection into their home.  Bloody little bubble immune, fast aligning, oversized prop-mod little horror he was!

There was also a good brawl against BRAVE (https://zkillboard.com/br/54398/) that we used capitals to even the odds a bit and made out okay on.

The corp is still doing up to 400 kills a month, mostly wormhole space and killing more than we lose despite epic fails on the above scales, which is all we ask for.  Members are still logging in, even if this month a chunk of them have spent most of it playing Metal Gear.

Recruitment is probably going to pick up a bit, we have a few slots we’d probably like to fill up with valuable members and we are considering some radical options for future directions.  Still wormholes.  That is what we are.

A wormhole corp that prides ourselves on taking the fight and not being dicks about it.

And, the changes continue to flow..

So, unable to sit still, Team Pizza evaluated how things had gone with Disavowed., how the relationship with our fleet mates was going and decided it really didn’t suit us.  We had a bunch of drama occur with the alliance executor and his corp falling apart.  We provided a home for his members that didn’t want to leave the Disavowed. group, picking up 10-15 EU humans.  This was a challenge.  We have never bought in so many people in a single group before, preferring to grow organically and indoctrinate people into the “Pizza Spirit”.  Its a love/hate thing, those that stick around for a year or more are more likely to quit eve, than quit Pizza.

Seeing the writing on the wall, we had our usual meeting and..  Decided to move.  Leaving C6/C6 space, which we have never really enjoyed.  Again.  2 weeks after making the decision to leave, we had evacuated 40+ capitals, 9 towers, setup our new home and started moving in.  During this, the group of EU pilots (who are all great guys!) decided to stick with the EU elements of Disavowed, in a new alliance and new home.

Unfortunately, this coincided with some massive real life drama for me.  For a bunch of reasons, I can’t give eve and the corp the attention it deserves, so I’ve stepped aside and am no longer actively involved in Eve.  Our other directors and leaders are doing a fantastic job, coordinating things and delivering content and kills to our bloodthirsty bastards!

C5/C5 was the decision taken by the corp, we’ve gotten too used to having and using our capitals to give them away for the C5/C2 we went to last time we left C6 space.  Let the killing continue!


Apparently, the lack of updates on the landing page of teampizza.net has our chief diplomat (Atariguerrilla) worried, so he poked me into writing something.

Team Pizza are alive and well.  We are settled in our new home, with our new alliance mates in Disavowed.  These guys are rapidly becoming as crazy and carefree with their ships as we are and the partnership is working out well.

Team Pizza had our 3rd best month for number of kills in our history last month (November), and we are on track to do even better this month.  Activity is great, with nearly 24/7 small gang coverage within corp and definitely 24/7 small gang coverage within alliance, with the occassional peak time zone 30+ man fleets that are part and parcel of living in C6 space.

Yep.  C6 space.  We are back in a C6/C6 wormhole currently with our alliance mates and having a blast.  Things have changed a bit, but not that much since our time in No Holes Barred.

Recruitment is currently closed for new members unless you have a vouch from an existing member, or are a prior Team Pizza family member or assosciate.  If in doubt, hit us up in the public channel.